On December 10, the EU consortium project OASES is organising its first EU-wide conference on medical deserts. Speakers will discuss ways to describe medical deserts, as well as experiences with the phenomenon in Moldova and Romania. Are you interested in tackling medical desertification? Then save the date and register today!

The conference (PDF agenda) will kick-off with speeches from James Buchan (WHO), Katarzyna Ptak-Bufkens (European Commission), Marius Ionut Ungureanu (Bolyai University, Romania), and Sergio Otgon (National Public Health Agency, Moldova). During several co-creation sessions, Corinne Hinlopen (AHEAD project), Véronique Lucas-Gabrielli (Institute for Research and Information in Health Economics) and Ronald Batenburg (ROUTE-HWF project) will dive into indicators used to identify and measure medical deserts.

European countries are facing health workforce challenges that are projected to continue over the upcoming decades. Increasing global and regional demand for health workers due to demographic and economic factors will likely only make the need for strong health systems and robust and sustainable health workforce policy more urgent.

Hosted on the EU Health Policy Platform, the OASES conference will give experts from other EU consortium projects on medical deserts and participants the opportunity to connect and exchange knowledge and ideas. Sound interesting? Participation is possible via registration (see below). We hope to see you on the 10th!


OASES EU-wide Conference – ‘Making medical deserts bloom’

Date: Friday 10 December 2021
Time: 9.00 – 13.00 CET (Brussels time)
Registration: via this link


Visit the OASES website for more information

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