Medical Deserts Diagnostic Tool

The AHEAD project addresses the challenge of medical deserts and medical desertification in Europe. We aim to support national and local level decision makers in their decisions for health workforce reforms, by supplying data and information about the level and nature of ‘desertification’ in their area.

One of the deliverables of the AHEAD project is an interactive mapping tool that visualises, per country, important indicators related to different aspects of desertification. This Medical Deserts Diagnostic Tool (MDDT) will be fully developed towards the end of the project, on the basis of our research findings. The current webpage contains a few examples of such interactive maps, based on very preliminary indicators, to showcase the overall intent, design and features of the tool.

In order to guide the MDDT prototype development, we have agreed on the provisional working definition of ‘medical desert’, based on the findings from our literature review. You can read more about the working definition HERE.

This tool is very much under construction. More indicators, data, maps and information will be added in the course of the project. If you have any feedback that will help us improve the tool, please reach out to us.

This map shows the countries that are participating in the AHEAD Project: Italy, Moldova, the Netherlands, Romania and Serbia.

Currently, we only have medical deserts maps for the Netherlands, Romania and Serbia. Click on one of these countries to be taken to them.

Soon, all countries will be clickable.

Medical Deserts Diagnostic tool – Version 1 is only available for members of the Medical Deserts Network. Click here to become a member: