AHEAD results

Below you can find key resources and tools that were developed during the duration of the AHEAD project (26 months).


End of project booklet

For an overview of the results and achievements of our project, please have a look at our End of Project Booklet – in English, and in national languages:


Country research briefs

Additionally, we produced an ‘EU level research brief that includes a regional perspective.

Watch our webinar ‘What are medical deserts and how do we find them?’ (September 16, 2022) about the country findings.


Medical Deserts Diagnostic Tool

Medical Deserts Diagnostic Tool, including:

  • Medical desertification definition
  • Medical desertification index calculation methodology
  • Research methodology to investigate medical deserts
  • Interactive maps for case study identification/observation of medical desertification process
      • Each map contains an illustrative story of a lived experience of someone affected by medical deserts
      • A set of indicators that provide wider country context insight

Watch our webinar ‘Tackling and preventing medical deserts with the Medical Deserts Diagnostic Tool’ (November 21, 2022).

You can also watch our short explainer video (slides) about the tool.


Participatory consensus building

Consensus building methodology

Watch our webinar ‘Participatory consensus building for collaboration on tackling medical deserts’ (January 27, 2023).

You can also have a look at our Powerpoint presentation about the methodology.


Policy options

A set of contextualized and feasible policy solutions to address medical deserts in the project countries, in English and national languages:

Additionally, we produced an ‘EU Policy Brief’ that links the national policy options to a European policy context, as discussed during EU level policy dialogues

Watch our webinar ‘What are policy options for effectively tackling medical deserts?’ (March 16, 2023).


Medical Deserts Network

Medical Deserts Network, that compiles useful resources related to the programme and the Health Workforce Projects Cluster


Call to Action

A Call to Action – a summary of EU level recommendations. Please click HERE or on the image below:

Project Leaflets

  • Project leaflets with general information about AHEAD (in English, Dutch, Italian, Romanian and Serbian).



Medical Deserts Network

EU Health Policy Platform

Health Workforce Projects Cluster

Health Workforce Projects Cluster
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